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david rae author and writer

David Rae Stories

I’m a short story writer and write in horror, ghost stories, mystery, magical realism and other genres. Really I just write any plot that come into my imagination. Here are some of my short stories for you to read for free. I hope you enjoy them and feel free to contact me with any comments or feedback that you want to share.
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If you have enjoyed what you have read hear then you can read more in the following publications
  1. The Lepidopterist's Beautiful Daughter
    The Lepidopterist's Beautiful Daughter
    In Progress My mouth gaped open as I speculated on her appearance. A webbed veil obscured her charms from those unworthy of beholding her face.
    Coming Soon .
  3. I Miss you
    I Miss you .
  4. The Grusome end of Mr Todd
    The Grusome end of Mr Todd
  5. The Crossroads
    The Crossroads
  6. Comming soon
    Comming soon
  7. Comming Soon
    Comming Soon
  8. Comming Soon
    Comming Soon