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david rae author and writer

David Rae Stories

I’m an LDS short story writer. I write horror, ghost stories, mystery, magical realism and other genres. I write any plot that come into my imagination. Here are some of my short stories for you to read for free. I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to contact me with any comments or feedback that you want to share.

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A writers motivation is the pleasure they recieve from reading and a wish to share that joy.  Childrens' adventures, picture books, pirates, goblins and elves, witches and wizards. We love these stories but we also love stories about far away places, ordinary people and different ways of looking at the world.
I've tried to make my stories true to life. Not in the literal sense but in the sense that they feel true and convincing. I've tried to make them enjoyable and hope that I can bring some of the joy that I get from reading to some else.