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david rae author and writer

David Rae Stories

I’m an LDS short story writer. I write horror, ghost stories, mystery, magical realism and other genres. I write any plot that come into my imagination. Here are some of my short stories for you to read for free. I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to contact me with any comments or feedback that you want to share.

Tales that hold us together

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                     David Rae
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Hi There

I’m David Rae and I’ve been telling stories all my life. Come in and check my website out. Tell me what you think by leaving a comment or sending an email. You can read some of my published short stories, poems and flash fiction here, and catch up with all my latest news.

I live in Scotland in  a world of my own; a world of wonder, a world where hoards of workers spill out of factories, a world were fog and smoke shroud all kinds of creatures, a world where ruined castles, factories and houses were haunted by ghosts, gangs and memories. I live in world where witches have been burned at the cross and martyrs have been hung on the Gallowgreen. And I write and tell people all about it

I was raised as member of the Church of Jesus Christs of Latter Day Saints. My town was full of all sects and faiths.; Catholic, Protestant, Christadelphian, Swedeborgs and Nazerines. I hated being a religious freak, but now I embrace it. It's what I am; Mormon. 

I update this site regularly, so check back from time to time or sign up for my mailing list.

Drop me a line and I hope to see you around

David Rae

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